2018 Mid West Wars Now Available

by Mike Farinelli

2018 Midwest Wars Schedule

Mid West Wars will be held April 20th - 22nd at Joe Dumars Fieldhouse. The 3rd rinks off site we used to use for this tourney has since removed their roller hockey floor so all games will be held at the Fieldhouse. This is good for convenience but it will limit how many teams we will be able to fit into the tourney and we may have to begin earlier in the day on Friday to accommodate teams. Please plan accordingly.

Event Details:

Event: State Wars Mid West Wars
Dates: April 20th - 22nd(Tournament can begin as early as noon on Friday, April 20th)
Divisions Available: 6u, 8u, 10u, 12u, 14u, 16u, 18u, Senior AA, Pro Showcase, & Masters 35 & Over
Cost: $750 team fee (6u and 8u are a $500team fee) $50 additional charge if paying by Credit Card
Registration Deadline: MARCH 20th

**All rosters must have players from same state or province on them, exceptions are : 6u, 8u, Pro, 35 & Over**


2018 Midwest Wars Team Entry Form

2018 Midwest Wars Team Roster Form


To register for the 2018Mid West Wars event at Joe Dumars Fieldhouse,  Please email Tim McManus - Tim@StateWarsHockey.com