NRHL - Free Agent Combine at LCRH

by Mike Farinelli


This is your chance – This is your opportunity If you’re a player who wants a chance to play professional roller hockey. It's time!

The National Roller Hockey League is hosting 2 Free Agent Combines for players to showcase their talent to team staffs and the NRHL . The first Free Agent Combine is November 1st - 3rd at Joe Dumars Fieldhouse in Shelby Township, Michigan. The second Free Agent Combine is December 27th - 29th at Midwest Sport Hockey in Ballwin, Missouri.

All NRHL teams' coaching staffs will be in attendance. Players will be scouted and evaluated by the management and coaching staff from each NRHL team. The National Roller Hockey League ownership will also be in attendance to showcase the league. Click the button below to register.

What is the National Roller Hockey League (NRHL)?

The NRHL is the only professional inline hockey league in North America since Roller Hockey International ceased operations in 1999. Each NRHL team budget is in excess of $500,000 per season. NRHL players will receive a salary, housing (if needed), equipment [i.e. skates, sticks] and everything else a Professional athlete needs and deserves. NRHL teams will have full front office staffs. The NRHL is the professional level of roller hockey.

How old do I have to be to play in the NRHL?

The NRHL is a professional league; therefore, every player must be at least 18 years old. Yet, there is not a cap on a player's age – you’re never too old. There are many players that may be in their late 20’s or 30’s that still have the ability and desire to play. The Free Agent Player combines are your chance to find out if you have what it takes to play at the highest level with the best players in the world.

What if I don’t live in the cities where there are franchises?

Once again, the NRHL is professional league.  If you make a roster, the team will provide you with housing for the season if needed. You do not have to reside in or near the city of a team. The best players from wherever they call home, will be chosen to compete on a NRHL roster.

What should I expect at the Free Agent Combine?

This will be a first class combine for the individuals who want to play in the NRHL. Every player will have 1 practice with their designated team run by one of the members of the coaching staff from a NRHL team. Each player will get the chance to play 4 games scouted by every head coach and other staff from the league.  There will be meetings and testing done by professional trainers to see where each athlete measures up in regard to other professional athletes in the sport. Each participate will be sized for skates, gloves, helmets and other equipment that will be provided to them, barring they make a NRHL roster.

There are limited spots for each of these camps – don’t let your spot go to someone else. Don’t look back, whether you make a team or not, and say “I wish I would have!”  Be the player that says, “I’m glad I did!” This is your time to show professional roller hockey teams what you can do! We will give each player every opportunity to play in the NRHL, don’t let this opportunity pass. Click the button below to register.

For more information, visit our website at WWW.THENATIONALROLLERHOCKEYLEAGUE.COM